A Letter FRom Gia



Dear Friends and Family,

Description: GODSinnocentAngels2.jpgPlease take a moment and imagine with us.  Close your eyes, tie your hands to your chest, ground your feet without the ability of walking.  Imagine not being able to express or say how you feel.  Not being able to tell your mother or father how much you love them.  When holidays come around, you are aloof to the situation.  Or better yet, there are kids playing around you and participating, is not an option.  Your siblings smile at you and you can’t smile back or let them know how much you love them.  If this isn’t enough to make you want to break free, there is no other way to express the emotions of a child with Rett Syndrome.

This is no ordinary scenario for families dealing with children diagnosed with Rett Syndome.  I am one of those mothers and I can’t even begin to tell you the heartfelt emotions I live with on a daily basis.  Knowing that my child has Rett Syndrome is not as difficult to deal with as not knowing if they will ever find a cure.  The sleepless nights, weekly doctor visits, therapy and counseling.  Watching my two other girls suffer as they feel helpless in helping their youngest sister.  As the years go by, it becomes more difficult to handle.  She needs round the clock care and supervision. 

Thanks to Gia, I have become a stronger person.  I have done all in my power to help other mothers out there cope with their situations.  I believe in the power of prayer and have lots of faith in God that one day there will be a cure to this debilitating disorder.  It is through this newly created foundation that I will find an avenue for other parents to seek support and counseling  in one location.  A center for children and families to support each other to gain understanding of Rett Syndome. 

On October 12, 201, my sister, Teri Rios (co-founder), will be hosting a Halloween Extravaganza for God’s Innocent Angels Foundation for Rett Syndrome.   This foundation was created to raise funds for a center to assist children and families with this rare autism spectrum disorder.  There is a minimum $50.00 donation cover charge and this year’s goal is to raise over $50,000 for the GIA Center for Rett Syndrome.  Donations of all denominations are now being accepted and 100% of the proceeds from this charity will go towards the foundation. 

It takes one birthday wish to make things happen.  Our little Gia will be turning 8 years old this October the same month of Rett Syndrome Awareness throughout the country.  The foundation was named after GIA as she has been the inspiration to many that have crossed her path.  Her smile is contagious and her eyes can tell you stories.  She is a special gift from God, our little angel.  Having her in our lives has been a true blessing, she has shown us the power of prayer, faith and that miracles do happen.  We will continue to fight for a Cure.  One day Gia will be able to tell you her story and remind you that we never ever gave up on her. 

Please donate to God’s Innocent Angels Foundation and you will be giving a Rett Syndrome Family the voice of their child.



Gisel Gonzalez
Gia's mother and co-founder
I am Gia's Voice